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Marjorie C. Miller

contact at (415) 519-0907 or



      Software Engineer with over 20 years experience delivering shrink-wrapped solutions. As a contractor/consultant/employee/nom de guerre, for over 15 years, used to getting up to speed on a project quickly and taking it to completion.


      Many years experience with various web/Internet solutions: HTML, Javascript, Perl/CGI, Java applets/servlets/JSP/JDBC/COM/CORBA/EJBs, Apache, Application Servers, LAMP/WAMP, PHP, MySQL, J#, C#, VB, ASP/.NET and the latest web fads of the week. :). Extensive experience in C/C++, from whence all are derived, on Macintosh, Windows and unix/Linux. My “background task” company, Neocortechs/Brainware,, always has a research project going on in the latest interesting ideas.


      My current favorite development environment, in the horse race which is programming, is Microsoft Visual Studio/ASP.NET 2.0/C#/VB. Following a personal evolution from ASP 1.0 to JAVA/JDBC to PHP/MySQL to ASP.NET 2.0, I think ASP.NET 2.0 is at the head of it’s field right now, in productivity and ease of use, and is what I choose to use on projects currently, when it is my choice.


Current project:, written in ASP.NET 2.0/C#/VB, with an MS SQL Database back-office for customers and employees, and e-commerce payment features.


Currently living in Austin, Texas. I left my heart in San Francisco, but not my cell phone.


September 1982	Macintosh/PC/Windows Software Consultant/Programmer
present		Brainware, a division of Neocortechs

List of Clients: 

Apple Computer, Inc.


Black Diamond Consulting

Hitachi Computer Products

Blue Sky Entertainment, Inc.

Kent Homeopathic Associates

Chaparral Communications

Oracle, Inc.

Hawksbill Capital Management

Personal Training Systems


PlatinumPlatter Multimedia


Metalithic Systems, Inc.

United Technologies Corporation/Norden Systems

Virtual Creations




Network Associates, Inc / McAfee

Registration Unlimited

Cisco Systems


Programming Languages

C,  C++,  Pascal/Object Pascal,  Macintosh Programmers
Workshop (MPW), MacApp, Symantec C++ /Think Class Libraries
(TCL), Metrowerks CodeWarrior/PowerPlant C++,

Microsoft Visual C++/MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes),
Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Turbo C++ (IBM),
Nu-Mega SoftICE-W (WinICE 95),

MacroMind Director / Lingo / XObjects, Apple Media Tool(AMT/AML),

LISP, KEE (Knowledge Engineering Environment), PostScript,
Prolog, OPS5, Oracle Database Management System (DMS), Z-80,
Z8000, 6502, 68000 Assemblers, Basic, FORTRAN.

Operating Systems

Macintosh Toolbox, MS-DOS/MicroSoft Windows, unix/Linux, VAX/VMS, RSTS/e, RSX-11, 
Client/Server Environments
Netscape FastTrack Server, Active Server Pages-(ASP)and Microsoft Client/Servers, 
Java applets/servlets/JSP/JDBC/COM/CORBA/EJBs/Apache, Application Servers, 
Perl/CGI-Scripts, HTML, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, J#, C#, VB, ASP/.NET/MS SQL DB,

and the latest web fads of the week. :) Hardware Macintosh, IBM PC, SUN, Symbolics 3600/3640, TI Explorer, Xerox 1108/1186, VAX 11/780, PDP 11/70, DEC 2060, GRID Compass, Commodore 64.


	Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN).
	American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).
	International Neural Network Society (INNS).


Undergraduate   B.S. Mathematics, Minor: Physics
                University of Michigan, May 1982
Graduate        Polytechnic Institute of New York
		       Artificial Intelligence I, II

                Bridgeport Engineering Institute
		       Microprocessor-based Robot Design


Robot design, guitar, multi-track recording, electronic music, jazz dance, jogging, bike riding, travel.

References furnished upon request

Brainware, a division of Neocortechs

List of Clients and Software Project descriptions:

Neocortechs (September 1999-present):

Various freelance web development contracts using HTML, Javascript, Perl/CGI, Java applets/servlets/JSP/JDBC/COM/CORBA/EJBs, Apache, Application Servers, LAMP/WAMP, PHP, MySQL, J#, C#, VB, ASP/.NET and the latest web fads of the week. A brief sojourn into real estate as well, as it was the fad of the last few years. The next big language should just be called F.A.D. :  Future Application Development. 

Cisco Systems (November 1998-August 1999):

Worked on Training CDs (VoIP) and Tech Support(TAC)/New Hire Training websites for Cisco routers. Used HTML, Javascript, DHTML, perl, Java and Cisco routers.

Registration Unlimited (March 1998-June 1998):

Did R&D website project for a small registration company to ascertain the current real world feasibility of deploying Java-applet-based database web pages. Used Visual Café dbDE for Java,Sybase/SQL/JDBC/ODBC/dbAnywhere 3-tier middleware architecture/Windows 95/NT 4.0 Server/Netscape FastTrack HTTP Server/Visual Page.

Network Associates, Inc / McAfee (Sept 1997 - Feb 1998):

On development team for McAfee VirusScan 3.0 and 3.0.1 for Macintosh. Macro Virus Engine ported from Windows. Shipped/Shrink-wrapped. Used CodeWarrior, Jasiks Debugger, Visual C++/SourceSafe.

Verity, Inc (December 1996-May 1997):

Ported unix/Windows HTTP web server to Macintosh. Document server used for multi-platform CD-Publisher. Used CodeWarrior/MPW/MFC Visual C++/unix.

Virtual Creations (November 1996-January 1997):

Wrote and installed Perl CGI-Scripts for various websites.

Metalithic Systems, Inc. (August 1996-November 1996):

Assisted small start-up company with the release of "Digital Wings for Audio 1.2", a 128-track digital audio recording studio on a Windows 95 machine. Did GUI bug-fixes and testing, worked on WAV and MIDI drivers, MTC/SMPTE. Used Visual Basic/Borland C++/Visual C++/SoftICE-W.

Hitachi Computer Products (Jan 1996-March 1996):

Worked on SyncWare, an Internet DNS for heterogeneous mail systems (SMTP). Used Client/Server/Agents architecture. Code ported from unix (NFS-ed without the GUI) to Visual C++ and then to the Macintosh with the Microsoft cross-compiler. (unix, Windows NT, Macintosh, C++).

Hyptique Paris, France (Sept 1995-Jan 1996):

Worked with French company via e-mail on design issues and initial implementation of a Quicktime video organizer for VCR tapes, to run on Windows 95 machines (having cross-platform compatible files with the Macintosh version). Delivered Windows 95 version capable of playing all multimedia formats with MCI drivers (QTW,AVI,WAV,MIDI etc). Used Microsoft Visual C++/MFC.

Oracle, Inc./Black Diamond Consulting (June 1995-Sept 1995):

Ported Oracle7 SQLPlus from unix/Windows backend/frontend code-base to the PowerMac (native). Used Microsoft Visual C++ on a Wintel machine and Metrowerks CodeWarrior on a Macintosh.

Blue Sky Entertainment, Inc. (October 1994-March 1995):

Worked with artists and musicians on an Interactive Art and Music Adventure CD-ROM game, "Welcome to the Future". Written using Macromedia Director and Lingo environment. Shipped on shrink-wrapped CD-ROMs (Macintosh and Windows).

Apple Computer, Inc. (April 1996-July 1996):

Worked with Apple engineers and instructional designers to develop an Apple Developer University lab-based course on how to write Display Drivers ("Plug-ins") for the new Mac OS 8 I/O architecture. Used C and Open Firmware (FCode).

Apple Computer, Inc. (May 1994-September 1994):

Wrote custom "Message Pad" for multimedia Bulletin Board System (BBS) for the Learning Technologies Group in Apple's Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). Message Pad arranges, displays and records "message components" consisting of Quicktime movies, sound, text and pictures, with a plug-in architecture for future additional types. To be used for a BBS connecting K-12 schools over the Internet to facilitate educational classroom discussion groups. Written using Code Warrior C++/PowerPlant Class Library.

Apple Computer, Inc. (March 1989-March 1990):

On team automating testing of the Macintosh printer drivers. Programmed low-level testing of Color Quickdraw primitives translations to different types of printers (Pascal, C, Hypertalk) and completed networked lab automation. Team lead for printer driver testing on system software release.

Apple Computer, Inc. (November 1987-September 1988):

Automated testing of some of the functionality of AppleShare using Macintosh Programmers WorkShop (MPW) Scripts and an MPW Tool in C. Automated test suite works across AppleTalk on several different Macintosh. The C Tool, written at AppleTalk NBP (Name Binding Protocol) and ATP (AppleTalk Transaction Protocol) levels, directs an event journaling program (on another machine) to manipulate other machines (prototype for Virtual User, an Apple Developer software testing package).

PlatinumPlatter Multimedia (Nov 1993-May 1994):

Wrote custom Audio Player for Personal Training Systems CD-ROMs. Shipped on shrink-wrapped CD-ROMs. Written using Think C++ (Think Class Library (TCL)) and AppMaker. Written using the Sound Manager to meet requirement of playing in the background in MultiFinder while user does the foreground tutorial (in Word or Excel for example).

Implemented Quicktime "go to frame" optimization for PICT display in Apple Media Tool Development Environment for Multimedia development/production.

Brainware, a division of Neocortechs (Sept 1982-present):

Designing and implementing website for Neocortechs/Brainware. (HTML/JAVA/CGI-Scripts/JavaScript/TCL/TK). Visit website at Also, call to get a demo of the offline development server (have to put online to serve pages). The normally offline server has the 3-tier database web page demos. Currently, doing small freelance web jobs for calculators, database connections, musicians.

Researched feasibility (1992 era) of digital video and multimedia technology (to now -- 2000 era). Added digital video and digital 8-track capabilities to Macintosh computer studio (now a Windows studio with Cakewalk -- 2000 era). Worked on digital video/multimedia test projects (C++/QuickTime level up thru multimedia application levels, MacroMind Director/Apple Media Tool/Adobe Photoshop/Premiere/DiVA VideoShop/Music Software/Interactive CD-ROMs).

Designed and coded Macintosh MIDI Music Notation program. Displays MIDI recieved at serial port or from file in musical notation and plays back on sythesizer. Written in Lightspeed C. Being revised to Think Objects (C++).

Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems/LISP, Robotics and Neural Network research projects.

Built a motor control circuit for various electrical switches (motor with wheels, lights, LEDs) that was then controlled by a Commodore 64 program (written in Basic). Ultimate goal was computer control of multiple control circuits attached to a robot arm (an Armatron).

Hawksbill Capital Management (May 1991-Dec 1992):

Designed and implemented a custom commodities trading research program with, and for, a commodities trader. Color graphics interface. Written in MacApp/Object Pascal. (

Chaparral Communications (Dec 1990-April 1991):

Implemented a software demo of a live-video compression algorithm concept, on the Macintosh, for a live-video hardware product proposal. Taught in-house programmers how to program the Macintosh and got them up to speed on demo code. (Think C and extensive Color Quickdraw).

Kent Homeopathic Associates (March 1990-Nov 1990):

Programmer for feature upgrades and port of homeopathic medicine program, MacRepertory, from the Macintosh to the IBM PC (used Think C and Turbo C++). Assisted homeopathic doctor in redesign of analysis strategies for symptoms and remedies, and implemented.

HyperPro (September 1988-January 1989):

HyperCard stack design and programming on various projects.

March 1987 Knowledge Engineer
August 1987

Ported StrateGene, a genetic engineering workstation written in Interlisp and KEE 2.1 (Knowledge Engineering Environment, an object-oriented expert system shell), to KEE 3.0 on a Xerox 1186. This was the first phase of the transition of the workstation from a Lisp machine to a SUN. Workstation provided the tools necessary for graphical construction, modification and storage of DNA molecules to and from a DNA molecule database using Artificial Intelligence techniques (object-oriented, rule-based inference engine, knowledge bases).

March 1985 Software Engineer
March 1987 IntelliCorp

Developed the communications software in C for the PC side of the PC-Host KEE. Automated the buglog into an Oracle database for the tracking of bugs on different machines, versions, operating systems etc. Developed automatic testers of KEE in KEE and Common LISP to run on all the machines KEE runs on (initially ported from Xerox 1108 in Interlisp). Designed and wrote performance timings across different hardware and versions of KEE. Developed and executed interactive test plan for Rulesystem 3.0 with worlds.

December 1982 Software Engineer
March 1985
United Technologies Corporation/Norden Systems

Assisted in developement of an expert system prototype for a military route planner in Interlisp using Frame Representation Language (FRL) and rule-based reasoning with a best-first search. Assisted in the design and writing of communications software on VAX in FORTRAN for one link of a network. Developed portions of test tool (in CMS2) for an operating system. Developed portions of a graphics/touch-panel/database demo on GRID Compass microcomputer in Pascal. Modified cross-assembler in Fortran for a hardware memory expansion. Documented Z8000-based operating system.