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2nd Amendment

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Hackers Beware:

By using this service, you agree to be honest and have only one vote per office, unless otherwise designated.

If you hack this site, with multiple spam emails or otherwise, disrupt an election through network attack,
attempt or succeed in changing the vote, or are discovered on any Election Day Vote Audits,
to have voted with multiple accounts, you are agreeing to the following website administration fees:

$1000 per attempted stolen vote

Basically, if you want to hack this website, go ahead, but we charge for that.
You are agreeing to these charges by hacking this website.

When we catch you, not if, you will not only be charged with electronic vandalism,
but also economic restitution, at the above agreed upon amount.

We know your IP Address.
We know who you are.
We know where you are.
We know what color underwear you're wearing.

Please review the following personal life histories
before proceeding with any electronic vote theft plans.
It's Federal Wire Fraud in court, FYI.

Your possible heroes:

Kevin Mitnick
Pena and Moore

And don't forget to check out the famous
Bev Harris Ohio Recount Vote Bust
in Hacking Democracy, now an Emmy nominated film,
and the vote fraud conviction,

which left 2 women in an Ohio jail for 2 years,
for fixing the Ohio 2004 recount for George W. Bush.
I guess he ran out of Pardons.

We thank you for your business.

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