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So you want to win the Election?
You believe in your candidate?
How far would you go?
Would you like to steal the election?

Or maybe you think online voting is an easy hack, and only paper voting should be allowed.

We invite you to try, without criminal penalties or fees, for a limited period of time...

To steal the election.

Yes. And we're even going to assume you've somehow infiltrated our ranks,
An evil vote auditor, intent on destroying the world,
by hijacking the U.S. 2008 Presidential Vote.

You have the standard Volunteer Vote Auditor info:

1. Go to
2. click on "My Account" at the middle top of the page in the red.
3. click on Webmail
4. Your login name is "", the password is "theftproof". 

To get a copy of the vote data from the gmail pop source,
set your remote pop email retrieval program to the following:

POP server address:
login name: "",  without the quotes
password = "theftproof", without the quotes, case-sensitive
Make sure you check, "Leave a copy of server", for downloads to other email programs.

We already have some planted stolen votes in there, to Audit the Vote Audit.
So don't steal our stolen votes. Or we'll really know.

And don't forget, as you try to steal email votes,
we have months of email and database backups.

The voters have their vote emails and the VoterID self-check Recount.

And if the website results and email results do not match,
we just resend the vote data.
CheckMate. So don't waste your time.

Your foe: The WebMaster, Neo

Our next goal: Verifying Voter Registrations...


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