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Code Independence

Open source code

we've been code-dependent for too long baby...;)...

The initial count is done with the following code and appears on the Current Poll Vote count page.

The recount is done with any email program, allowing search, sort and print/hand recounts, as desired. The vote data, being in the standard email format, and retained by the voter, allows code independence, and is therefore un-hackable, by design. You can perhaps hack one email program, but you can't hack them all! Unlimited recounts and vote audit-trails, machine and paper.

Therefore, the data is in the custody of the voter, so no "chain of custody" issues, and the data is code independent,  portable, and therefore hack-proof, with multiple re-count audit trails, paper and machine.

As well, the Voter ID Self-Check Recount is an instant, 24/7, affirmation for the voter that the vote is being counted correctly.

Below is the vote count code:

vote count code page 1

vote count code page 2

vote count code page 3

vote count code page 4

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