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Your mission, should you choose to accept it,
is to Find the Stolen Votes.

The U.S. is on the brink of disaster, as Neo-Con forces plot to steal the 2008 election.

Your job. Find the Stolen Votes.

The state of things is this:

Coming out of the SOOPERTuesday Election, at 7:18pm PST, on 3/18/08, after the California Polls closed, reported that Ron Paul won in a landslide, with 10 votes.
Barack came in second with 2 votes.
Hillary tied with Newt Gingrinch, a write-in, for third place, with 1 vote each.
John McCain got no votes.

But the Final Results email account reported a different story the next day:
John McCain won, with 6 votes
Hillary Clinton got 3 votes,
Barack Obama got 2 votes,
Ron Paul got 2 votes,
and Newt Gingrich got 1 write-in vote.

The Neo-Cons are set to take over and bomb Iran, unless you do something, now.
You've been granted a recount by the U.S Supreme Court.
Consider yourself lucky.
Don't screw it up, or mankind will cease to exist.

Report the stolen VoterIDs and the perps if you can, to
We suspect The Joker had something to do with this.

Holy Mergatroid, Batman! What are we gonna do?
Get the BatMobile, Robin, we've got to Find The Stolen Votes!

Your weapons:

1. Go to
2. click on "My Account" at the middle top of the page in the red.
3. click on Webmail
4. You login name is "" , the password  is "HolyCowBatman", (case-sensitive, no quotes).

You can use any email program you want, if you prefer a different weapon...
You can even print them out and count them by hand...

Just be quick...Time is of the essence...

To get a copy of the vote data from the gmail pop source,
set your remote pop email retrieval program to the following:

POP server address:
login name: "",  without the quotes
password = "HolyCowBatman", without the quotes, case-sensitive
Make sure you check, "Leave a copy of server", for downloads to other email programs.

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