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The Planted Stolen Vote: Audit the Vote Audit

Ladies and Gentleman, A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

The Volunteer Vote Auditors were given a task: Find the Stolen Vote.
We audited the audit. :).

The automated searches performed by the Domains Priced Right web-based email program,
sorted the vote and counted it,
and found the results to differ from the
Vote Bank Account SOOPERTuesday Reported Election Results.
(Reported Results: Paul - 10, Obama - 2, Clinton - 1, Other - 1)

Upon examination, the stolen vote stood out like a black sheep,
with the wrong date-timestamp, the wrong sender and the wrong voter email.

Volunteer Vote Auditor Awards!
Mike LaBonte
gets First Prize for finding the stolen vote first.
Cecilia Thomas gets First Prize for being the first Volunteer Vote Auditor ever. :).

More Details to Follow...
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