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1st Amendment

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2nd Amendment

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Let the Vote Audit Security CON-Tests begin...
Steal The Election!

Find The Stolen Votes!
The SOOPERTuesday Test Audit Results are in!
Audit the Vote Audit! See The Planted Stolen Vote!

The way the voting system should be. Convenient, secure, auditable, un-hackable recounts.
Using what you use everyday. Your email. You are in custody of your vote.
Code Independence, by design. Any machine, Any email program.
Machine or Paper Recounts, Anywhere, Anytime.
We want you to do a recount.
Try it.

Secure Socket Layer

How it works:

  1. Create an account
  2. You will recieve an email confirmation. Click the activate account link.
  3. Log in and go to Your Vote Account on the left-side menu.
  4. Fill in your info and vote for your 3 top favorite candidates. (Ranked-Choice Voting results coming soon)
  5. When you save your vote, you will receive a vote confirmation by email. Votes cannot be stolen, as you have your vote, right in your email account. Email sent on SSL, encrypted connection. If you don't receive the email, you know something is fishy. Check your Spam folder first, and then contact us, "VoteBusters", and we'll be on the case!
  6. Before Election Day, you can change your vote, and you will receive automatic email notifications whenever your account is changed, thereby alerting you to any voter fraud. On Election Day, your vote becomes final. This serves as an accurate instant poll, and you don't have to keep going back and re-voting, but you can change it whenever you like. It's like your bank account. It's your Political Capital. Well guarded in your Vote Bank Account. Watch your vote update in real-time on the "Current Poll Vote" page.
  7. On Election Day, polling stations could still be set up as before, but the "voting machines" would merely be laptops, which can be setup with standard virus protection and firewalls. Those without emails, could easily be given email addresses, when they registered to vote.
  8. After Election Day, if a recount is desired, all that is necessary, is a recount email address, anywhere, anytime, by anyone, for whoever wishes to have their vote recounted. Works with any and all email programs. Printed hand-counts whenever and whereever you wish as well, for further voter verification, all for free. Yes, multiple free recounts, with any software you choose. The votes are in your hands. Multiple vote audit-trails and un-hackable. By design.
  9. If voter fraud is detected, first by "Current Poll Vote" page vote totals and/or second, by the email vote recount exceeding the reported vote count, then contact information for the affirmed voters/witnesses are contained in the emails, for the subsequent criminal indictment of the election officials.

For example, let's say Ron Paul or Barack Obama supporters, wanted a recount in New Hampshire. All that is neccessary is for a recount coordinator to request all Ron Paul supporters to forward their vote confirmation emails to a single email account. Any email software of your choosing will count the votes as they come in, and they can then be printed out for a hand-paper recount as well. Each precinct could have their own recount email address for local recounts.

If the email count exceeds the reported count, then voter fraud can be proven in court. 

"Chain of custody" problems with paper ballots go away, as every voter has their vote, in their own custody.

Rigged elections using machines disappear, as the recount can be done with any email program and therefore is code-independent by design, and therefore is unhackable. You may be able to hack one email program, but you can't hack them all!!!

Instant Poll before Election Day. Voting can be done whenever and whereever it is convenient for the voter.

Open-source code. Let's be real: a 10 line counting loop that adds 1, is not "proprietary code".

Only implemented for Presidential Race right now.

Let us know what you think. Improvements being made daily. Beta-testers needed!!!

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