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Chain of Custody
and why it doesn't matter
unless you've been robbed
The Power of CheckSums

    In software, there is a problem, called the packet-relay problem, also known as the "traveling salesman" problem. The problem is identical to the "BallotBox Chain of Custody" encountered by voters. How to know if votes have been lost?

    The answer is not Chain of Custody. Indeed, packet-relay is the basis for the Internet, and yet you do not know where your packet may go, but you do know what's in it. You do not send an entire file, all at once. You send it in pieces, and when it gets to it's destination, you have to put it all back together again, in the right order, and know that it's all there.

    How does the Internet work? How are you amazingly and reliably reading what I've typed, accurately? CheckSums.

    CheckSums. Just like your wallet. You check how much money you have in your wallet before you leave home, and after you arrive at your destination. If it's not the same, you have to check the Chain of Custody. With software, that is quite easy, and indeed, hard to evade.

    So how does use CheckSums to insure the accuracy of the Vote Count? See diagram below. Just think of every CheckSum as checking your wallet. That's all we're doing. 

    VBA (CheckSum = numballots) ----> voter
       |  <--- sent via sendmail cc: -  carbon-copy of what goes to voter
(CheckSum = numballots)

    So regardless, of who we pass our wallet to, we know how much money should be in the wallet when we get it back. Better yet, it's all American Express Check Money, so if someone steals it, you just get it right back. And even better yet, we have a complete checksum, taken each time the wallet changed hands, so we know who took the money, in our case, who stole or changed the votes.

    On recount, the Chain of custody is as follows in the below diagram:

    VBA (CheckSum = numballots) ----> voter
       |  <--- sent via sendmail cc: -  carbon-copy of what goes to voter
(CheckSum = numballots)

    As more votes come in, the precinct vote software will be enhanced, and precinct cc: emails would be sent as well as precinct level recount email addresses.

   And remember, Code Independence is the key to all this. The problem with the "proprietary voting systems" like Diebold, is the Code Dependence. Yes, America, we are Code Dependent. The way you become "Code Independent", is by using tandardize data, like the Internet uses URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). Our resource this time, is the vote. Uniform Vote Locators.

    Well the trick is to package the vote, in a standard and universally used data structure: The email. Where CheckSums abound, at every corner, at every router that email encounters. It's like having video cameras on every corner, with a Fed Ex Package delivery.

    Thus and therefore, that is why, Vote Counts are totally secure at You can drop, steal, change, mangle, and destroy at vote. But you can't change all the CheckSums. You will know money is missing from your wallet, and you will know who took it.

On top of all that, let's say the CIA Gangsters changed every vote, somehow.

Let's say, on Election Day, the Chain of Custody is hacked. The votes are changed in a secret room rented to the CIA by ATT.,, etc, (CheckSum)
        | <--- sent via sendmail cc: carbon-copy of what goes to voter
      VBA (CheckSum = numballots) ---> voter ---> Independent Recount (CheckSum)
        |  <--- sent via sendmail cc: -  carbon-copy of what goes to voter
(CheckSum = numballots)

   Let's say, the votes to the have been hacked/changed. Though the winner at is Ron Paul, the finalvotes email account, shows John McCain the winner. What are we to do? Well the final DB dump would show the truth, but let's say they got that too, and somehow modified all the precinctemails accounts as well. If surpassing every one of these CheckSum obstacles, if this is possible, then, What next? Is all lost?

   Basically, designing a system for the worse case scenario, complete and total system failure, is what makes it totally secure. The reason the internet is so unfailingly reliable, is because it has a Plan B for total failure. It just resends the packet.

   So what is Plan B? The votes are in the hands of the voters. In their email box and out their printer. Independent recount email addresses could be set up and advertised with out without the help of any voting "authority", including myself, though I'd be happy to help, and would indeed, hunt down the perps.

    So there, all by citizen initiative, and grass-roots organizing, an independent recount can be done, without travel expenses, and mailing expenses, all from the comfort and frugality of one's local community. The votes arrive at, or any email chosen,  for paper counts and email program counts. Code Independent Data is the key. The vote data emails are code independent and can be read by any email program you choose to use. You can't hack them all is the key. Many side by side counts can be done with different programs in order to cross check code, if desired.

   For instance, say Barack Obama's supporters, thought their votes had been stolen. All they have to do, is setup an email called say,, whatever email you choose, and post a message at for all voters to forward their finalvote confirmation emails to that email address. You could even bust me for stealing votes. :).

   The system is safer than safe. You can rob it, and still not lose a thing. Because you got multiple verified copies of everything, in multiple place. It's the way they tell us to be prepared for earthquakes in San Francisco. :). Your data may be destroyed. You'd better have a backup, somewhere else.

   So even tho, here at, we guard the code, the vote emails and the secure, encrypted connection lines, like it was Fort Knox, the joke is, even if they break in, the gold isn't at Fort Knox.

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