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To: All Voters
Date: March 16, 2008

Hello Voters!

First off Welcome! This is the first test of the Voter Alert Email System. :)!

And this SOOPER Tuesday, March 18, 2008, at 8pm, will do a test of it's Vote Audit System. Voter volunteers will be the Vote Auditors. Please email to volunteer to be a Vote Auditor.

All a Vote Auditor has to do is, login to an email account, print out the Final Vote Confirmation Email copies, and count them.

Also, why wait til SOOPER Tuesday? In this fast paced world, WE WANT IT NOW!!!!

So you get it now. Check out the new Self-Recount menu item at Now you can confirm your VoterID in your VoteBankAccount account ,and in your Vote Confirmation Email, and on the Self-Recount page. Check your vote is in the right column, and recount the vote totals yourself. Whenever and whereever you want. The WhenEver, WhereEver Recount. Open 24/7. :).

Tell your friends to vote before the Tuesday recount, to take part in An Instantaneous Recount.

And then ask the government why it takes them 2 months...

Marjie :),

p.s. If you want, you can go to and login to "VBAFinalVotes3408", with password = "VBARecount", and check out the test vote recount email account contents. This test case had only 3 votes and so has 6 files total, 3 files being the election results and 2 voter email send log files. Do not delete or change anything, tho it doesn't matter as it's all bcc:ed to a secret email account, from which the original data emails can be easily recovered. If we cared, I'm sure we could track down the IP Address of a deleter...

For more info, to change your vote, or check current poll, visit

Thanks for voting!, independently auditable election results.

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